Here are some things to watch out for, when planning your event – whether it’s a one off special occasion, or a regular one. Even if you don’t choose to use us, we feel these points are important things to consider.

Sound Limiters

We have come across quite a few venues where a limiter has been installed. This is a device which monitors the noise level in the room (both from the DJ’s sound system and the crowd noise), and often cuts off the electricity sockets that the DJ has to plug in to (if there is ‘too much’ noise for a certain length of time). The cutoff point for ‘too loud’ varies from venue to venue.

Usually, limiters are installed due to the venue being in close proximity to a residential area – or somewhere where there have been noise complaints. So if your chosen venue does have a limiter, we will do our best to avoid this equipment getting in the way of a great night (but cannot guarantee no interruptions).

Ironically, the usual cause of limiters tripping electrics is guests chanting choruses of popular songs!

Venues and resident DJs

We hear of venues that refuse to let clients booking a venue bringing their own DJ, or will penalise you. This is poor business practice, and if you are ‘stung’ by this attitude then you are free to take your business elsewhere!

Some operators will be more professional about this than others. We have played in venues where we aren’t the resident provider, but have met (and indeed, built a good rapport) with the resident provider – one of our bigger wedding bookings saw us providing the disco, uplighting and an outdoor sound system for a fireworks display; and the resident provider providing the venue dressing lighting. Complete with a friendly chat between the two bosses.

Insurance and safety

A lot of venues insist on contractors having Public Liability Insurance (PLI) and Portable Applicance Testing (PAT) cover. Make sure any provider you look at booking for your event, who has electrical items (be that a chocolate fountain, right up to a band), can give you a copy of their PAT certification (ours is available on request). And check their PLI – if something goes wrong as a result of their work or equipment, you need to be sure that any damages can be covered.

For the record – none of the Sounds In Vision team have ever had to claim on our cover!