We know you have a choice of providers for discos, DJs and event production and supply services. So, why should you consider us?

Experience – our team has collectively been in the industry for more than 100 man years. We aren’t new to this, we’re experienced in this!

Our wide range of services, and functions we have worked on, has taught us what works best and where. We are happy liaising with you the client, your guests, production partners and venue management – all with the same level of professionalism.

Health & Safety – we understand the importance of feeling safe, so do things safely. Cables are tidied, wiring is done safely. Which has the bonus of things looking neat and tidy.

We also carry £10m Public Liability Insurance, and all our equipment is put through PAT (Portable Appliance Testing) annually. This is not a legal requirement, but a lot of venues stipulate this cover (and because we are professionals, we agree with it).

Working with artists – having worked with a wide range of acts, both local and international, we know what artists are looking for (either on their own stage, or alongside us). We work happily with other artists, and if you let us know you’ve booked one we’ll speak to them before the event to make sure the setup and performance process is as smooth as possible.

If we aren’t sure about something, we’ll ask! As simple as that may sound, it’s amazing how many clients have been dissatisfied with service they have received or affected due to one question not being asked.

In one recent client conversation (with a bride and her groom), she told us that she felt it was a very personal service. This was because when various things were mentioned in the pre-event conversation, it generated new questions about details for things that we needed to prepare for.
We will always try to have a chat with you, our client, in the runup to the event. Face to face appointments are available, where diaries on both sides permit.

Value for money – we do not pretend to be the cheapest provider in the marketplace. We simply charge a fair price for our services. Whilst budgets can be one of the first considerations when choosing a provider of event and entertainment services, we believe that it is worth spending a bit extra for a better end result.

We also aim to survey venues before the event, if we’re not familiar with them and it is logistically possible to make a site visit.

If there still items missing from this list, please get in touch and we’ll answer them!